img_1040Hi! I’m Alivia. I was born in Anchorage, Alaska, in the not so distant past. My parents moved me to Homer when I was a baby and we lived there until part-way through elementary school. My formative years were spent wandering the forest, and living on five acres about 15 miles out of town and off the road system (until the last few years). We had a garden, raised chickens and sometimes pigs, and ate  almost always from scratch. Moving to Anchorage was a big change. We still ate from scratch, but the garden and chickens didn’t happen again until much later.

I grew up in a home filled with art and making. My mother is an Artist, and my father was a Carpenter (he’s now a Therapist). Projects were always happening, and that still continues to this day. It influenced me greatly. I went to college for a few years, before I realized you didn’t need a degree to be an artist. I decided to get my massage therapy training to support my art habit. I had been a ceramics major and while I loved making pottery, I didn’t like how heavy it was to haul around. I decided to start working smaller, much smaller, I started making porcelain jewelry. I love making jewelry. Probably because I love wearing jewelry. I’ve since branched out into other mediums for making my wearable art. Wire work, beading, Shrinky-dink, found and up-cycled objects, and most recently metal smithing.

Since I grew up in the woods, I think I have always had an affinity for nature. I love seeing how everything works together. My first introduction to Permaculture was around the time I married my husband. The house we lived in had a garden. I had been working with a woman who also taught gardening classes. I took one and it changed my life. While I had gown up with a garden, it was the traditional rows and tilling method. I interned with my teacher (Saskia Esslinger from Teach Gardening) the next summer, and learned so much more. I loved that this way of living helped to improve the area you lived in and plus you got some great food out of it.

To me, gardening is more than just growing plants for consumption. It’s connecting to the earth. Watching the way it works together, and helping it along when we can. Learning more about Permaculture helped me to deepen this connection. While I may not have been formerly introduced to Permaculture until later, I still innately knew what it was. It resonated. I find a peacefulness in the connection created. Now I am trying to expose others to the ideas I have been exposed to. I want to facilitate a connection to the earth in anyone who is interested. 

I hope to be able to share the wealth of knowledge I have learned and continue to learn.
I hope you will join me on the journey.